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Why choose Innovation Plus Power Systems?

• Substantial bottom line savings compared to dealing with OEM

• Reduction of maintenance and down time costs

• Safer, more efficient system solutions

• Dealing with specialists that can support any vintage or make of rectifier system.

• Upgrades allows longer equipment use and increased reliability

• Reduce down time by looking at things at a system level not a component level.

Failure of any main plant equipment can be very costly if downtime is forced for long periods, we at Innovation Plus Power Systems provide clients with a third party look to evaluate the processes at your plant which normally allows us to see problems that may be overlooked by the day to day personnel.


Our team of highly qualified professionals work closely in association with your plant personnel and provide production process evaluation and detailed performance review of all major components system. Our systematic approach can determine if improvements to your power electronic systems can improve the productivity, reliability and efficiency of your equipment and increase the competitiveness and overall profitability of your plants.


Our evaluations include various temperature measurements of components and connections, thermal scans, transformer oil sample and test, review and checking of various alarm and trip points, functional tests of critical control relay, over voltage and over current protections, harmonics and power factor measurements and a general review of the system performance against start-up data where such data is available and a general performance review against customer needs and requirements.


Optimizing of plant operations can considerably increase your profits as payback time is commonly weeks or months. Any improvement in product recovery or quality, with minimum capital outlay, results in additional revenue that directly increases profit.

Production Process Evaluation