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Off the Shelf Solutions

Innovation Plus Power Systems utilizes our technology, engineering, design and expertise to deliver customized and creative off the shelf solutions to suit your industrial power needs. Since specific problems call for specific solutions, but when the most well designed solution to a problem is beyond the budget and schedule requirements, we consider implementing an off-the-shelf integrated solution which may fufill and satisfy most of the system requirements.


We have wide range of versatile and scalable power semiconductor assemblies incorporating a wide range of standard and optional features. This product line offers maximum performance and minimizes costs by providing a wide range of power levels, configurations and integrated protection, control and feedback functions.


While drawing on the global supply-chain capabilities as part of a larger group of companies which have a primary focus on providing industrial power electronic products, our engineers are able to access the largest inventory of a comprehensive line-up of suppliers of discrete components, modules and power electronic components in order to provide our clients with an off-the-shelf integrated solutions.

Why choose Innovation Plus Power Systems?

• Substancial bottom line savings compared to dealing with OEM

• Reduction of maintenance and down time costs by scheduling our repair and rebuild technicians to coincide with your plant maintenance shutdown.

• Safer, more efficient system solutions

• Dealing with specialists that can support any vintage or make of rectifier system.

• Refurbishment allows longer equipment use and increased reliability

• Reduce down time by looking at things at a system level not a component level.