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E  N  G  I  N  E  E  R  E  D

     R  E  L  I  A  B  I  L  I  T  Y

Innovation Plus Power Systems Inc. has gained recognition as a global market leader in the engineering, design and manufacturing of world class industrial power conversion and control systems and solutions.


Benefits realized by our clients:




We are committed to position ourselves as production partners, but more importantly as developers and

problem solvers, working closely and in partnership with our clients, looking at their short term and long

term production and system goals.

Our personnel collectively have more than 100 years of combined experience in the folllowing fields:


Large DC Power Supplies                                    Autonomous and grid connected regenerative

Power factor Correction Systems                               Inverters & Converters of up to 2.5MW

Variable AC Power Controllers                              Data acquisition systems & PLC Programming

Digital Control Circuit Design


With applications in:


Linear motor drives                                              Smelting and Electro-Chemical Process

Aerospace Industry                                             Power Generation - Wind, Solar and Biogas

Traction and electrical vehicles                             Electromagnetic levitated vehicles

Rectifier plating equipment                                   High & medium power pumps, fans & compressors



Through our core engineering competence, innovative solutions and an unparalleled level of service,

we have become the preferred vendor of choice, providing total power conversion and control solutions.

Innovation Plus Power Systems Inc. is part of a larger group of companies that have a primary focus on providing power electronic products and solutions to the industrial electronics industry. Engineering, design and support is coupled with the largest inventory of power electronic components.

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Providing High Quality Power Solutions and addressing the growing need within the Power Electronics Industry for a total solutions supplier by providing components with enhanced technical support to production and maintenance clients.




A stocking distributor of power conversion and control products, they assist OEM's, MRO’s and Service companies by having the right products at the right price

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Our business is customer-driven, technology-influenced, engineering-oriented and focuses on world-class

manufacturing processes and techniques. We strive to be the best marketers, designers, manufacturers and

distributors of power electronic systems and solutions by providing the industrial electronics marketplace with

leading edge designs, innovative engineering and benchmark production quality. We utilize our expertise in

power electronics systems to provide turnkey solutions to our clients. Our engineering principals include design

of software, firmware, hardware and control system for the power electronics industry.